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Norma's story - a long-ago adoption

and a baby who was, but really wasn't, her mother's 


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I visited a wonderful group of women as the speaker at their weekly get-together - Marvellous Mature Women, in fact - speaking to them about story.

The group is run, and has been for more than fifteen years, by a woman called Norma.  She has a twinkle in her eye, a kind face, a broad Manchester accent and the wisdom of maturity.  It is to her credit that this is a supportive, vibrant, thriving group that provides a safe, friendly space for women to meet.  Several felt safe enough to share their stories, and I have included them in the "Your Story" hub.  When they had finished, Norma told hers.


Norma's Story


"My mother always said it was her baby that she had but it wasn't hers.

She took care of this baby for a few weeks after his mother died.

She was 11 at the time.

She loved him, nursed him, cared for him feeling like it was her baby (in fact it was her brother)... until she started getting into trouble at school. 

Then the baby was given to her aunt and uncle.  She had no warning, was sent to the shop, when they came, and was absolutely devastated to return and find she had lost "her" baby.

The aunt and uncle, wanting him to forget his original family, kept him away from them and she didn't see him again for a long time.


As a young woman, I would beg my mother to tell the story of the baby that she had that wasn't hers.

I met him, finally, not long ago.  My mother managed to get in touch with him and she actually died soon after he visited - 3 years ago." 

Norma, herself, has 5 children.


Thank you Norma!   I'm glad your mother (and you) finally met the baby that was hers but really wasn't hers, and her brother. 

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