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Kate's story and her gratitude

for one random act of kindness


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I saw this story on social media and knew I had to share it with you.

I first met Kate at a fundraising event and quickly learned three things about her.

She is a beautiful person - she just glows!

She is a wife and mother and a massage therapist.

She is committed to donating her services to help others.

She shared this story for a gratitude event run by her community.


Joining Hands to "Pay it Forward" 


13 years ago I stopped at this Petrol Station at Daisy Hill and put $20 worth of petrol in my old car.

I thought I had enough in my bank account, but when I went to the counter it turned out I had "insufficient funds". So there I was stuck, without $20 to my name and unable to pay my bill.

I had just come back to Australia from the UK where I had been pursuing a romance with a lovely English man. When the relationship ended I came home completely heartbroken, with no job and no money. I was very depressed and was only kept afloat by the unwavering support of my beautiful family and friends.

So I was wondering what to do next when a stranger asked me how much I owed for my petrol.

I told her and she smiled and said "we've all been there", then she paid for my petrol.

I was so surprised and grateful and asked for her contact details so that I could re-pay her. She shook her head and insisted that I was not to pay her back. She just said that one day I was to "PAY IT FORWARD."

So now, 13 years later, I live just down the road from this very same Petrol Station.

I drive past it every weekday to take my daughter to school and I am constantly reminded of the Random Act of Kindness I experienced that night.

I was very grateful to that stranger that night and I'm still grateful to her as she inspired me to "pay it forward" as often as I can.

Living with a sense of gratitude has made my life so fulfilling, so I am forever grateful to this random stranger.

As an Ambassador for Joining Hands, we regularly get to give random acts of kindness in the form of free wellness treatments to young vulnerable and homeless youth. I know what it's like to receive a random act of kindness and I know how much these young people appreciate our random acts of kindness. I am forever grateful that a complete stranger showed me how easy it is to "pay it forward."




Thank you Kate.  Beautiful story.  Beautiful lady.


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