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Jane's Story


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I was at a networking event, when I heard this story.

I had wandered over to a display of jewellery, and joined a group around the display table.

Jane was obviously excited by the jewellery,

proud of it

and what she could offer to jewellery buyers

and those who might want to host a party for her.

Someone who had already met Jane remarked about her new business

and she responded ...

Jane's Story

I know!

I mean I have my business already, in P.R.

I had been thinking about cutting it back,

but I never ever thought I would have a party plan business. 

I didn't want to do Tupperware, and I've been to lots of other parties.

And you know me,  I was always rolling my eyes and saying "Yeah right. As if !!"

And then I went to a Park Lane party. 

And something just clicked.

I was really impressed with the gifts that go to people who have a party.  I love the jewellery. 

Something just clicked.

And now I am so happy, so relaxed.

I mean I was happy in my P.R. business but this gives me so much more flexibility.

Isn't the jewellery just beautiful?

As far as I could tell, having just met Jane, none of this was scripted,

it sounded absolutely natural,

and as the event wore on, I didn't ever see anything scripted about her conversation or the way she

 talked about what she was doing.


Thanks Jane!! 


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