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The story of a woman, a snake and her baby


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I visited a wonderful group of women as the speaker at their weekly get-together - Marvellous Mature Women, in fact - speaking to them about story.

The group is run, and has been for more than fifteen years, by a woman called Norma.  It is to her credit that this is a supportive, vibrant, thriving group that provides a safe, friendly space for women to meet.  Several felt safe enough to share their stories, and this is one.  The Marvellous Mature Woman who shared it preferred to remain anonymous.




A woman, a snake and her baby


"My mother told this story often while I was growing up, and it was told by her grandmother.

She had put her baby in the crib.

When she came back into the room, it was to find a snake, in the crib, licking milk from the baby's mouth."

I asked what she did to rescue the baby.

"Oh Grandpa had said 'Grab the snake by the tail and whip it,' ... and that's what she did.

But when she whipped it, it could have come back and bitten her!

I'm so glad it wasn't my baby.  I couldn't have grabbed that snake!" 



Thank you Marvellous Mature Woman!   We had some Marvellously brave ancestors, didn't we?


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