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Lucinda's surprise story


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Lucinda is not a close friend,

but one I admire,

for her fortitude in overcoming life's challenges,

her commitment to her children

and to community,

and her down-to-earth sense of humour.

This is not an earth-shattering story, but it is just a beautiful little ray of sunshine.



This morning I rocked up early to the QEII hospital for a meeting ...

Went to the cafe to grab a coffee while I waited for my colleagues only to discover I needed CASH and then didn't have my card to make a withdrawal as my son had used it last night and had not put it back in my wallet.

As I was rifling through my coins searching for enough to buy the coffee (of which I didn't have enough) a lady sitting at a nearby table offered me some money so I could order!

Wonderful!  I accepted; ordered my coffee; got my coffee; then went to her with a pen and notepad so I could get her details to send her a scratchie as a thank you.

She said "No no no" ...

And as I looked into her eyes I said 'I know you!' ...

And I did ... And WE did! ...

I started a course with her 10 years ago and had lost touch over time!

What a wonderful catch up-we have just had!  


Thank you Lucinda!



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