Your Story Matters – Sing it!


That bird – he sings.

He doesn’t stop to ask if he is good enough.

He doesn’t stop to ask which song would be best.

He doesn’t practise first.

He sings.

And the song is just exactly how it is meant to be.


Your story.


you ask if you are good enough to live it or to tell it


you ask how it should be lived or told


you practise living or telling

just “sing”.


What is your message then – if you tell your own story?

What would your life be if you lived your own story?


Your story matters in its own pure reality. Sing it!

So that the message is pure, so that the life is your own.


Then you can polish so it is good enough.

Then you can choose the parts of most value.

Then you can practice.

But only then!!