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Bronwyn Ritchie


Keynote Speaker   |   Story Consultant

Empowering you to Speak Your Story, Share your Gift with the World








Bronwyn is an engaging speaker, trainer and coach, empowering others to use story and to communicate and connect confidently and effectively in leadership, in business and in the events setting.


She has spoken and trained in many centres around Australia, helping leadership candidates, CEOs, and individuals from those too shy to say their own name in front of an audience to professional trainers building an edge.


Her approachable manner and compassionate support for her clients and her audiences allows them to absorb new ways of thinking and doing, allows them to articulate a clear message, and to develop an authentic communication style that supports that message and assures an effective outcome, whether that be to be admired and rehired, to build a business, or to contribute to a successful function or event.



Bronwyn is happy to design a custom experience if required, including half- to full- day workshops.  Keynotes and workshops tend to be around these...



Presentation Topics


~  Remembered, Repeated, Referred, Rehired - 5 powerful tips from across social media that can make your message go viral


~  The One Story we all must tell - every time - speaking, writing, connecting, selling.


~  The one mindset that overcomes your challenges in speaking - calm your nerves, focus your message, and keep your audience glued to the vision that you offer.


~  Dropping your Fig Leaf - Learn the vital ingredients to presenting "naked" - authenticity at its best, a powerful speaking tool.


~  Ditch the Pitch and harness, instead, the enchanting, connecting power of story.


~  Both sides now - Break your Glass Ceiling with Story - from above and below





Speaker Reviews


Bronwyn provides extremely useful information at her workshop.  I was able to apply what I learned straight away, and it definitely improved the presentation I subsequently delivered to 25 referrers for my business.  I was more confident going in to my presentation as I felt prepared, having had instruction from someone with a lot of experience in public speaking.  ~ Amanda, Brisbane


Your whole presentation was an ah-ha for me.  It will help me gain confidence in the area I want to teach in.  ~  Caroline, Gold Coast


You have such a great knowledge in so many different subject areas and also have a great ability to impart that knowledge with joy and fun  ~  Bernadette, Brisbane


Your work and approach show great enthusiasm, dedication, research, creativity, clear suggestions, everything well explained - I could go on  and on  ~  Rachael, Adelaide


Enthusiasm, Personality, Positive attitude - excellent attributes that added so much  ~  Sue, Sydney


Bronwyn really excels in unpretentious while probing the status quo.  She is truly unaffected by her genius while making it work for her  ~  Karen, Brisbane


You had quite a difficult time slot to run this workshop, right at the end of the day and you can measure your success by the way that everyone stayed alert during the talking part of the workshop.  The participants enjoyed themselves and were willing to go the extra mile with you.  Congratulations Bronwyn - you achieved what you set out to do.  You gave a fun-filled, interesting workshop where people learned. ~ Margaret, Hobart


Bronwyn Ritchie had everyone engaged, sharing her knowledge and brilliant gifts - I know everyone came away with tips to increase their success in business speaking  ~ Nicole, Brisbane


Thank you for the great job you did on Saturday night.  It was a warm and relaxed performance and must have made everyone feel comfortable  ~ Shirley, Chinchilla


Brilliant!  I had a fantastic morning and thoroughly enjoyed what Bronwyn had to share.  The 'gift" activity was very insightful and gave us a very practical example.  It was great interacting and connecting with everyone.  ~ Rhonda, Brisbane


Your session, by the way, received very high praise indeed in the evaluations.  Many rated it best of conference.  Wish I had been there.  ~  Rosemary, Melbourne



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Contact Bronwyn:

T:  0400 046 094

E:  Bronwyn@YourStoryMatters.today

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persuade - perform - prosper

Your story - your voice - your gift