Business Storytelling





Storytelling = connection, engagement, persuasion

Storytelling = sales


from the competition | be remembered | referred | rehired


In a world of individuals in front of screens, of data and information, of deals and organisations, we lose the sense of community, the sense of connection with each other.

And yet that is changing.  We are moving from the age of information to the age of dreams and community.

And the most powerful way of sharing dreams and of making connections is STORY.

People do business with people not with an organisation or a company.

They buy the person first, the product or program second.

They buy on emotion, justify with logic.

So if you have a product or a program or a dream for sale, how do you find the buyers, the clients?  How do you connect with them?  How to you show them the value of your product/program/dream?

STORY will do all that and more.

Let me show you

-  the power of storytelling in business

- the elements of story that you must use in your foundational business story

- the 4 main types of business stories and how and where to best use each of them

- how to dig deep into your personal and business growth to find your own powerful stories for each connection you want to make

-  the elements and structure of an About Me story that will make your web visitors want to connect, to click through to know more about what you can do for them

-  how to use storytelling in speaking to market your business

-  brand storytelling - what it is, how to define your unique, most effective brand story and 5 places you can tell your brand story.

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