Your story matters. Add bubbles


Your story matters.

It matters because you matter.

It matters because it can serve you.

What happens, then, if you add bubbles?

What are bubbles?



A symbol of something else – dreams, beauty, the ethereal?

What happens if you add that to your story – fun, imagination, dreams, beauty, the ethereal?

Your story changes.

Now it has an element of fun/imagination/dreams/beauty/the ethereal – whatever it was that bubbles meant to you.

Now …

What does it mean to you if you think your story has that element – has always had it, or maybe will have it from now on?

Fun where maybe there was none.

Imagination where maybe you saw none.

Dreams – oops they were always there.  What if you recognised them, gave them validity and used the fact, for yourself, that they were there?

And …

What does it mean to someone else if you add that element to the story you tell about yourself.

What will they think if you let them know you have fun in your story,

if you let them know there is imagination where maybe they saw none,

dreams that you hadn’t even recognised for yourself, but that hold significance for that person?

Your story matters – add bubbles!