Connecting the dots and the inspiration of David Bowie

R.I.P David Bowie.

He was an icon of our age. Meant so much to so many people for so many reasons. He strummed our pain. He gave us possibilities outside our squares. He provided sheer entertainment and amazing music. He stimulated our creativity. He gave us solace.

Many of us are now listening to his latest and final recording for the hints he embedded about his attitude to life … and to death.

Even then he was orchestrating his life. In 1976 he told Playboy “I’ve now decided that my death should be very precious. I really want to use it. I’d like my death to be as interesting as my life has been and will be.”

His wife, Iman tweeted just days prior “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

And it’s true.

It’s only when we connect the dots backward that the story reveals itself.

We are now looking back at Bowie’s latest album, at the quotations, and connecting the dots back from the death of an icon, in order to understand his life and his extraordinary genius, and what it means for you and me, our understanding of our lives, and the possibilities for our selves.

Iman summed it up beautifully – it’s not until the moment becomes a memory that we are able to connect the dots back and find the story, the one we can use for ourselves to explain, to learn and to become more of what we want and need to be.

And wasn’t his life such an amazing story?!!

Your story is not his story.  Neither is mine.

Each of us has our own story and it matters







to the extent that when we are looking to explain ourselves, to learn and to become more of what we want and need to be


when we are looking to explain ourselves so others can learn and become more of what they want and need to be

there are stories in our own lives that we can use.

Ordinary though those lives seem to be – those stories are there!


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