The story of a secret – your secret

Once upon a time there was a woman,

or maybe it was a man,

let’s call it a human.

This human had an answer …

a solution …

to a problem that humans had faced for many years.

The human could create transformations for people.

They believed in the human.

They saw the people extolling the transformations for themselves.

They believed that the human had the answer for them.

They talked about the transformations that the human had achieved for their friends, their neighbours, for strangers in other lands.


All the while they felt that they could be transformed too, if only … if only … if only … what?

if only they believed hard and deeply enough,
if only they were more open to the change,
if only they were worthy,
if only they paid enough,
if only …

The human continued to talk about the transformations that had been achieved, about the problems so many other humans still had that had not been transformed
and how the human could create the change if only …

The promised change was glorified and articulated very clearly.

It not only solved the problems, but it created so much that every human secretly wanted, desired, needed …

if only …

And the people grew ever more frustrated while the human gained followers in their thousands who glorified and praised the changes they saw
while secretly knowing that they remained really – much the same.

Secretly, they started to share their frustrations. The words “vulnerable” and “authentic” came into vogue as they supported each other in their deep feeling of unworthiness, poverty and inability to change or have faith.

The human with the answer started to use words like vulnerability and authenticity too.

But as the secrets became secrets no longer, and as the sense of community grew, fuelled by the frustration,

the people realised


and that is the end of my telling of that story.

You can fill in the blank at the end.

Let me say, though,

about that secret,

the one that you thought meant you were a failure,

not good enough,

not equal to those other seemingly successful people who are part of that trend,

those followers …

that secret

is your gold,

the source of your very own trend,

of deep connection with your own tribe,

the tribe who all suddenly realise that your secret is theirs too.

That is the story that can restore your faith in yourself,

your understanding,

your clarity,

you realise you are not a failure,

you are you,

unique, whole and with your own ways of solving the problem.

The guru’s solution is a solution, just not your solution.

Your solution works for you and your tribe.


If you need support as you find and articulate your secret that will become your bestselling story

on stage, in business, in life

do please let me know.

Contact me now, and we will talk about how that can happen.