8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century

A New Brand World

8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century


By Scott Bedbury, Stephen Fenichell



What does it really take to succeed in business today?



Now in paperback, this powerful and practical guide to brand building is offered by a man who helped propel Nike and Starbucks beyond mere sneakers and coffee.


In A New Brand World, Scott Bedbury, who helped make Nike and Starbucks two of the most successful brands of recent years, explains this often mysterious process by setting out the principles that helped these companies become leaders in their respective industries. With illuminating anecdotes from his own in-the-trenches experiences and dozens of case studies of other winning–and failed–branding efforts (including Harley-Davidson, Guinness, The Gap, and Disney), Bedbury offers practical, battle-tested advice for keeping any business at the top of its game.

About the Author

Scott Bedbury was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Starbucks from 1995 to 1998. Prior to that he spent seven years as head of advertising for Nike, where he launched the “Bo Knows” and “Just Do It” campaigns. He is currently an independent brand consultant and a speaker for the Leigh Bureau.Stephen Fenichell is the author of Plastic: The Making of A Synthetic Century and Other People’s Money. His articles have appeared in New York, Men’s Journal, GQ, Lear’s, Spy, Connoisseur, Condé-Nast Traveler, and Wired.


ISBN: 0142001902
Publisher: Penguin Books