Your Inspirational Signature

Use your signature - your unique combination of personal and business experience, wisdom and knowledge - to take audiences on a journey into your story, and into your business, or your change-the-world idea.



Your Story matters


You know that Speaking works.

Your story is

the why behind your business,

the passion behind your message

the foundation of your business and personal brand.


You know

that speaking is a powerful way

to leverage your connections with

potential clients, employers and your team.


You need to Speak Your  Story


Storytelling works.

It has been the foundation beneath human communication

and behind the SUCCESS of human communication for millennia.


Whatever your gift is -

your product, your message, your service -

 whatever you have to offer the world

- the world needs to know about it.

You need to Speak Your  Story


Storytelling = success

Storytelling = connection, engagement, persuasion

Storytelling = sales


You know

that speaking is integral to your success


You need - to Speak Your Story


Your story is the sum of your experiences, your knowledge and the wisdom you have gained from those.

Use it to create a message ... a speech.

Make your speaking your unique signature based on your unique story.

Use it to sell from the stage, to enroll clients, to inspire transformation - in your audience.


Hello, this is Bronwyn Ritchie, speech coach and story specialist from Your Story Matters, and from a very young age I have been entranced by story.


It started, I think, with Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and continues to this day.  The stories in books provide an alternate reality where I can dive in and live and learn. 


I am an inveterate people-watcher.  For everyone I see, talk to or learn from I create a story.  I do it for all sorts of animate and inanimate things.  Tell me your story ... or I will make one up about you!


Because I learn from stories.


We all do.  We are hard-wired for story, and hard-wired to learn from story, and to listen to story so that we learn.  There is a reason that the fairy tales and myths have persisted through so many generations.  There's a reason that urban myths are perpetuated and memes go viral on our internet.


We are looking for the story that will teach us how to live, how to survive, how to thrive.


The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the "storyteller" 

                                                                                                          Rolf Jensen 1996


And that's why Your Story Matters.  It has value to other people.  They can learn from it.  


Learn to choose the aspects that are useful to your target market, or whomever it is you want to reach.  Learn how to tell those aspects of your story ...  and you teach... and people learn.


What is it that you have to teach?  It is your story, the knowledge you have gained through living that story and the wisdom you have gained from it.


My expertise is in teaching public speaking.  Over 40 years' involvement in the craft, winning speech contests, being valued as "best presentation" at a national speakers' conference, and countless experiences of mentoring speakers, I have built the skills as a teaching presenter.  My value to you, though, is the ability to teach you how to take a subject and to create presentation content around it - content designed to make an audience think outside the box, to be engaged, to take action --- and then to present it, with confidence and generosity. 


Bronwyn, love your presentations - simple, explanatory and always showing another way to do it - great work, good teacher.

                                                              Jan Muir



Bring me your story (your experience, your knowledge and your wisdom) and I will show you how to craft that content into a teaching experience that you can use to attract clients to your programs or to sell from the stage.


Too many people are marketing their businesses using what my parents called "snake oil sales" techniques.  When you use your own story, your own enthusiasm, your own generosity, you speak to teach, you speak to inspire.  You speak to help your clients expand into their own visions.  You speak from integrity.  You speak to inspire, not to sell. 



Your whole presentation was an ah-ha for me.  It will help me gain confidence in the area I want to teach in.

... Caroline Capell



It's time for you to Speak Your Story!       





Speak Your Story - Speak Your  Inspirational Signature


      It's time to commit to an action plan for your speaking or you will procrastinate again and lose the wonderful advantages you know that speaking could bring for you. 

Itís time to invest the time and the focus into becoming a speaker, using speaking to transform your life and to create transformation for others.

It's time to break down the barriers you have erected to speaking, to learn just what you need to create a speech, present it and succeed.


In this workshop/Coaching Experience

You Will Learn - a blueprint for one speech and for your speaking


~  How to master the art of Inspirational Persuasion - communicating a vision and next steps

~  Confident preparedness - because you have ticked all the boxes underlying success

How to create a confident, generous presence on stage

~  The power of personal story and how to harness it

~  4 strategies to use to get booked as a speaker

~  How to maximise your use of your speaking space

~  Crafting a simple, powerful message from your unique combination of knowledge, experience and wisdom

~ A speaking road map that guides you and your audience to your shared vision

Imagine being able to share your gift, your unique message, with a room full of people and have them accept it, and take action.

Imagine having the confidence to do that.

Imagine knowing how to architect that message so that Ö


~ it differentiated you from your competitors, from other leaders, from other speakers


~ it made you more confident to share your vision


~ it attracted more ideal clients, it gave people a better life, it built acceptance of change and innovation


~ it changed your own life


Turn imagination into reality and learn the power of creating with your unique inspirational speech signature and how it can grow you, your influence, your business.




The Program:


We start with the mindset and mechanics that you need to understand to lay the foundations of success.


These are interwoven with brainstorming sessions to uncover your unique value - your stories, your experience, your knowledge.


We then develop your unique content and find the structure for maximum impact and influence.


You will learn the elements and processes of speaker storytelling, 


basic confidence building,


stage presence and generosity



The basics of inspirational persuasion, engagement and attention.


Optional bonuses are






voice production


You will have the opportunity to rehearse,


receive feedback on your presentations.




Click on the 30 minute meeting link below and we can discuss how I can help you take your story to stage, develop your voice, your story, your message ... and inspire, influence and succeed - with confidence!








Contact:  yourstorymatters.today/contact.htm