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Shake off the fake & feel the freedom of real…



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Learn how to be ....

Outstanding, Original, Authentic

Credible, Respected, Inspirational


Your leadership doesn't have to be faked,

founded on a culture that ceased to be effective decades ago. 

It doesn't have to use techniques that others use, just because that's how things have always been done.

Learn how to lead and engage your team using your organisation's own stories,

along with your own.

Maintain the alignment of your natural skills,


your own values and your story with the real you.




I felt the experience was unique to my personality & needs as Bronwyn was able to offer a program that included a variety of styles and techniques in a non-judging environment. Benefits: increased reassurance; greater awareness/perception; clearer communication.  ... Matt



Personal Branding

Brand storytelling for leaders

Your Story Matters          because YOU Matter

YOU have core VALUE 


The code for defining that value with laser clarity lies in    ...  YOUR STORY


This is a brainstorming session to uncover the code in your story that will give you the elements of your personal leadership brand.


When you know your brand story, you can define your message, your presence, your personal authority.



You know what makes you unique so that you can place yourself in your position confidently.




Bronwyn Ritchie had everyone engaged, sharing her knowledge & brilliant gifts - I know everyone came away with tips to increase their success in business speaking.  ... Nicole


Leadership Storytelling


You can use storytelling to explain your organisation's culture,
to motivate your team,
to train in how best to get the job done,
to communicate the bad news,
to establish your credibility.


You don't have to use bullying.
You don't have to pull rank.
You don't have to have enforced motivational days that your team recognise for what they are - a day to relax and ignore.


The basics of your organisational culture are retained.
The training is remembered.
The motivation is embedded.

The engagement ensured that.
The story structure ensured that.
The stories you chose ensured that.


You can be real

even vulnerable ... within limits.
Real, natural, authentic, vulnerable (within limits) makes you more likable, more respected, more believable, more credible, more persuasive
and it's easier,
especially if bullying and/or pulling rank and/or using endless theory and statistics are not your natural bent.


 Your team, your customers, your prospects can make sense of your organisation.
They will know automatically what your culture is like,
what your brand really stands for,
what it is like to do business/work with/rely on you.
They will know your why.
All without sleazy or incomprehensible marketing.
And they will know it at a very deep level.

Let me show you  -  the power of leadership storytelling


It has been such an inspiring journey working with you. Thank you for your amazing support and encouragement, enabling me to get the best out of our time together. Your patience and enthusiasm whilst we brain stormed ideas, helped me define my direction with such clarity. You truly ‘got me’ and so were able to impart your knowledge in a way I could easily understand ...Penny


Leadership Communication


Your story, and the stories of your organisation are the sum of your experiences, your knowledge and the wisdom you have gained from those, and of the experiences, history and brand of your organisation.


Combine those always when you speak and

make your speaking your chance to engage, to connect

with your team,

in the Boardroom.


Imagine being able to speak, confidently and fluently

-  inspire people to change, believe, follow

-  communicate your credibility and authority

You need public speaking skills more than ever before to present yourself, your organisation, your ideas, confidently and successfully.


Do you want to lead with integrity and humanity?


Speaking your story and your organisation story can do that for you.



Bronwyn's down-to-earth personality helped me to open up and allow myself to get vulnerable when it came to receiving feedback on my presentation. Not something I'm usually comfortable with! She calmed my nerves immediately, so I didn't have to worry about what I got 'wrong'. Our session was much more about where I could improve and how to enhance what I do to get maximum impact. The way she applied the public speaking theory to my actual talk, personality, and circumstances was so helpful; her insights were both professional and personal, and she saw into what I was trying to achieve, but added several layers of polish! I can't wait to apply what I've learned from Bronwyn and marry the concepts with the real-life practice. Thank you so much!"

--- Kris Emery



Create a Personal Partnership

with PowerPoint


No-one has to die a death by PowerPoint - not you, not your audience, your team or your Board ...


and you're not going to achieve that by killing off your PowerPoint presentation.


Give life, clarity and pizzazz to your talk, your pitch, your presentation and resurrect your PowerPoint with this workshop/coaching option.


Build your confidence, clarify your message, engage your audience, use stories. 


Refresh your design principles to build visual clarity and engagement support.


Speech  |   Webinar    options 

workshop  |  coaching  |  done for you





Bronwyn provides extremely useful information at her 'Create Your Winning Personal Powerpoint Partnership' workshop. I was able to apply what I had learned straight away, and it definitely improved the presentation I subsequently delivered to 25 referrers for my business. I was more confident going in to my presentation as I felt prepared, having had instruction from someone with a lot of experience in public speaking.
Amanda Griffiths - Founder My Health Career



Story reveal



Connecting the dots to uncover the stories you need -


You - your brand - your success




Your Strategic Speaking Blueprint

It's time to commit to an action plan for your speaking or you will procrastinate again and lose the wonderful advantages you know that speaking could bring for you. 

It’s time to invest the time and the focus into becoming a speaker, using speaking to transform your life and to create transformation for others.

It's time to break down the barriers you have erected to speaking, to learn just what you need to create a speech, present it and succeed.



Unique, simplistic and powerful . Bronwyn not only has a wealth of expertise but she teaches in a way that models her work.  ... Fiona




Change for the better

    in your business



~  more clients

~  more service

~  more growth


    in your leadership



your team

~  on track

~  in flow

~  productive


    in your speaking & teaching



~  deeper engagement

~  build integrity

~  successful outcomes


Story can do that


Find out what is possible 

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