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What story do you need to tell?




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How you can find and tell the story

you need to tell to get the results you want.


Your story is

the why behind your business,

the passion behind your message

the foundation of your business and personal brand.


Re-Awaken Your Story

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When you need help finding out

Who am I NOW, and what is it that I do?

Find your lost faith in yourself - re-write your story

Your story can 

give you focus

reignite your motivation


inspire others

give them hope

give them guidance

Storytelling works.

It has been the foundation beneath human communication

and behind the SUCCESS of human communication for millennia.


Storytelling = success

Storytelling = connection, engagement, persuasion

Storytelling = sales

Storytelling = pivoting


Your story is your legacy to your clients, your children, your readers, your audiences.

You are a storyteller and you have a story to tell .

This is your message - your legacy





Together, we can harness the power of

your story so you can change, pivot, towards a better you, a better life.

Build a business, create a legacy, change your own life.





Let's spend time talking (it's free!) about how you can find the story you need to tell, and how to tell it to get the results you want - leave a legacy, create the best life and future for yourself and others.

Please choose a time that suits you.





From the Blog ...


Boost your speaking & marketing success with the free 30 Storytelling Tips


The Tips cover topics like ...  Effective Sequencing - Harnessing Conflict - Using stories to create trust - Sharing a vision - Presentation skills & more...


You can be --- confident --- admired --- successful  ... and ... share your message with the world.

Simply enter your details below and you can open the first of the storytelling tips immediately.



        Please note upon application you will also receive a complimentary subscription to the Pivotal Public Speaking and Story ezine.  We will not share, rent or sell your information to anyone,



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Your story - your voice - your gift