Re-Awaken your Story and create a new way forward




 ...  finding the spark that will free you to

move forward,

just a little or maybe a lot;

 change direction,

in your life, or in your business, your relationships, or your career

or maybe even all of those!!


Confident, effective success - whatever that means to you.

 Join us for theory and practice, connection and shared stories, dreaming, goal-setting, connection and fun.

Find the answer or maybe reconsider

Who am I?       What is it that I do?


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The event will probably be in the event space of a coffee roaster on the Southside of Brisbane.  I am still confirming details, but the room is light and airy and there is plenty of parking ... and you can have their special flavours of coffee if that is your thing.  I will supply morning and afternoon snacks and lunch, all of them relatively light or we will all fall asleep.  I can be entertaining and thought-provoking, but not THAT much!  You can do a full day on the Friday or spread the session out over two Saturdays if that works better for you.  Numbers are limited.  I don't want to work with more than about eight people at once, but will open a second full day if that is needed. 



Friday  30th November, 2017  

 9am - 4.30pm

    Full Price  

$ 127.00





Any queries please contact me at